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Bastyr University

Bastyr University offers facilities and services appropriate to myriad events, from private retreats to national conferences to weddings and other celebrations. Multiple private spaces are available on campus for meetings, symposia, conventions, and performances, including classrooms, private lounges, the auditorium, and the Bastyr University Chapel. As an ACCED-I-certified facility, Bastyr University meets the qualifications necessary to provide the most effective planning atmosphere for a successful collegiate conference or event.

Your guests will enjoy delicious cuisine made from organic sources and specifically designed to meet their dietary needs. While at Bastyr University, they will have access to Wi-Fi at no extra charge, and will be free to take advantage of our beautiful grounds, bountiful gardens and invigorating hiking trails. As a firmly committed steward of the environment, Bastyr University takes pride in our beautiful campus and environmentally friendly facilities. We invite you to make us a partner in your next successful event.

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