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Willows Lodge

Create Inspired Gatherings

Our meeting facilities are a favorite gathering place for meetings and corporate retreats. Maybe it’s the peaceful, Northwest ambiance of the Lodge. Or the five acres of gorgeous gardens, which lend themselves to unforgettable events. And it could be the fact that all catering is done by the Barking Frog, our acclaimed restaurant.

Truth is, it’s all of that. However, there’s one thing our corporate clients love they most: when they come here, they know they are in our capable hands, and that we’ll handle every detail.

And we do. Whether it’s a fundraiser, board meeting or corporate team building retreat, we’ll work with you to identify and manage all your needs. Like making sure fresh flowers are in your room when you arrive, or making sure that executive with an aching back has a heating pad to keep him comfortable through a long meeting.

Meeting facilities include six separate meeting rooms with over 5,000 square feet of meeting/banquet space. We can accommodate groups up to 192 people. Meeting facilities support multi-media presentations and casual or intimate receptions. Besides our indoor venues, we offer additional break-out areas and outdoor spaces. There’s even a state-of-the-art high ropes Aerial Adventure Park adjacent to our property designed for individual and teambuilding experiences. And, of course, catering by the Barking Frog restaurant is always a hit with our meeting attendees.

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