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Based in Bothell Washington we opened our doors in 1989 as Sound Design, a company that produced tourism maps throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.  In the early 90's we had a name change to Sound Publishing at which point we started producing the Seattle and Portland Menu Guides which sold in over 1500 book stores and featured the regions best places to dine, in the back of these publications we had a section devoted to caterers and featured the best providers in that category.  

Because of the large response we had from corporate planners using our Menu Guides to plan their dinner parties and catered events we decided to produce a new line of publications specifically devoted to corporate events, this guide book was titled the Banquet & Event Guide and had separate publications for British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.  Many years later this publication has changed names from the Events Planning Resource to most recently which has greatly enhanced our recognition and enabled planners to tie our web presence directly to our print editions.

Our Goal has always been to help corporate group planners successfully plan and organize their employee outings, meetings, retreats, and special events.  Planners now have the option to use our print, online, and digital event planning guides and service directories to find the best suitable destinations and event service providers in the markets we operate in (Currently the states of WA, AZ, ID, as well as British Columbia) and its associated print, online, and digital platforms are now the most used and recognized corporate meeting and event planning services resources in the markets we serve and have helped our partners reach thousands of corporate buyers their web presence and sales/marketing efforts miss which has lead to in many cases significant increases in their annual group sales results.

We now offer our partners a complete outbound sales and marketing effort that implements many different tools and services to help you attract corporate group business.  If you are interested in knowing more please contact us directly or email

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