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Yakima Valley Tourism


Washington Wine Country


Escape, Relax and Enrich in the Yakima Valley


Yakima Valley Tourism is dedicated to ensure a successful conference and a rewarding personal experience. The YVT Sales Team goes the extra mile for our clients and visitors, providing stellar customer service and unmatched hospitality. Here is what we want you to experience when working with our office:


  • Knowledgeable, courteous, clear and concise communication between our convention facilities
    and our hoteliers
  • Unwavering positive attitudes of "How can we help?"
  • A high level of genuine willingness to earn and keep your business
  • A team that is involved and supportive of virtually all aspects of your meeting planning responsibilities

Here’s How We Do It…


Location, location, location! Our office is physically located in the Yakima Convention Center and steps away from many of our convention hotels. This facilitates clear, frequent, and direct communication among our partners.


Yakima Valley Tourism actively coordinates and participates in many meetings with our industry partners, various municipalities, the county, and other community organizations. We are constantly working together to align our goals to support this vital industry.


Additional Info

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