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Whistlin Jack Lodge

Originally built in 1931, Whistlin’ Jack Lodge has transcended the decades and is an ideal destination for your next corporate outing or event.

The Fireside Café and Lounge is anchored in post depression-era workmanship complete with an original river rock fireplace (built by master craftsman, Ernest Jimenez) and tongue-&-groove ceiling. Excellent food and spirits are served daily and the stories you might hear (especially later in the day) are worthy of taking home to re-tell.

Those wishing a multi-purpose, banquet or workshop facility are rewarded with a quality experience they will long remember after the affairs of the function are completed.

Recreational opportunities abound from Boulder Cave to Bumping Lake and all those interesting points on the way. You will find ample scenic attractions to fill a lifetime. Mt. Rainier NationalPark is 27 miles west of Whistlin' Jack Lodge and is truly a national treasure with 2 million visitors annually.

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