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Coho Charters

CoHo Charters is one of the oldest family run businesses in Ilwaco. We take pride in providing our customers with an enjoyable and memorable fishing trip at the best price possible.

We have been serving the worlds sportfishing community since 1956 and are one of the oldest family owned and operated businesses in Ilwaco, WA. Come experience the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the mighty Columbia River, Salmo n fishing, or test yourself against the great white Sturgeon! Just imagine a fish up to 12 feet long and 500 lbs., good eating fish too. CoHo Charters has specialized in Sturgeon, our captains have over 48 years combined experience and have done 6 TV sh ows on fishing for sturgeon. It is by far the most popular fishing we have. CoHo Charters has five modern boats with the latest in electronic equipment. All our boats have large heated cabins and private bathrooms for your comfort. We can handle individual and big groups. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!

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