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Happy Hour Designer Bar Rentals

Pop! Pour! Party!

Add a level of class and sophistication to your cocktails, spirits & libations by serving your guests from a "Happy Hour" Designer Bar


* Widest selection in the Greater Seattle area

* Customize: Choose what size and style of Barfront you'd like including the inset choices of Mirrors, Chalkboard, Wood and Frosted Lucite (that can be backlit)

* Personalize: Add your Brand or Logo to finalize your signature look

*"Make it a Double" by ordering two of the same style and doubling the bar size for larger events      


* Create a visual statement by adding a barback to your bar area. Add your branding, accessories, stemware and drink selections- Many options & styles to choose from

Delivery: Serving the Pacific Northwest

Bars are portable & can be used at any location where you serve libations. They have been used in offices, conference rooms, warehouses, tents, lawns, barns, airplane hangers, street fairs & golf courses as well as hotels, event venues and private homes.

We deliver, set up and will have it ready to be stocked- your bartenders will love you! When the party is over, we return after "last call" to take it away- its as easy as that!

Not limited to just bars, the counters are great for Registration (check in), Catering/Dessert displays and for DJ sound systems- coordinate with your event decor, colors and theme.


Include a Happy Hour Designer Bar at your next party!

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