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American Paintball Coliseum

We Host The Most Unforgettable Corporate Events in Phoenix Arizona!

Do you want to give the office an unforgettable event while still building teamwork, leadership and communication between co-workers? Playing paintball, airsoft, or laser tag at American Paintball Coliseum is the perfect solution! American Paintball Coliseum features air conditioned indoor fields that are conveniently located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.

All of our activities are safe and fun for people of all ages and our professional staff is committed to making sure everyone has a wonderful time while also making sure safety standards are followed. Paintball, airsoft and laser tag at American Paintball Coliseum are dynamic and entertaining events that are guaranteed to leave spectators and players alike with a vivid and lasting memory!

Corporate events at American Paintball Coliseum include features such as:

  • Air conditioned facility
  • Different types of activities to suit everyone
  • All day field passes
  • No hassle equipment rental on site
  • After hours party options available
  • Snack bar for refreshments
  • Pizza delivery by request
  • Private room to have catering brought in for your event
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff to direct organized games
  • Accommodates a small group or a large number of people
  • No charge for spectators
  • Central phoenix location
  • Group Pricing and special offers for large groups
  • Facility can host events for small groups or large groups

Hosting a corporate event at APC will be an event that everyone remembers. Whether it’s your holiday party, summer company “picnic”, or something fun to do for your team members, paintball, airsoft, or laser tag are fantastic ways to have a corporate event that stands out from the rest. Our company parties offer a great chance for the office to get out and enjoy the day while helping to build teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Playing any activity at American paintball Coliseum is sure to be a party that will keep the office talking for months.

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