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Arizona Outdoor Fun

Team Building Activities

Arizona Outdoor Fun is taking corporate team building to a new and exciting place: the Arizona outdoors! We offer unique opportunities to build camaraderie and bonding via a number of unique team-building activities that take place in the stunning Sonoran Desert!

  • We’ve created numerous team building events that focus on creativity, competition, and teamwork
  • We can accommodate groups of all sizes up to 120 guests
  • Your event will be managed by our experienced guides
  • We will provide all of the materials, equipment, and provisions your team will need
  • Build camaraderie while you enjoy fun in the breathtaking Arizona outdoors

Examples of Team Building Events Include:

  • Desert Survival Adventure - Teams scour the desert for food and water, and then prepare these items for consumption. In addition, each team builds a shelter and learns about sending signals and other distress calls for rescue efforts.
  • Geocaching - An outdoor treasure hunting game in which each team performs tasks, learns survival skills and searches for items to get clues to find castaways using a GPS.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt - A fun way to learn about our unique desert plant life where team members compete to see who can find each item the fastest.

Guided Hiking and Mountain Biking Tours

Surrounding the base of 2,608-foot Piestewa Peak, the Phoenix Mountain Preserves and Dreamy Draw Recreation Area are centrally located in Phoenix and boast dozens of miles of breathtaking trails in the heart of the beautiful Sonoran desert. Only 14 million years young, this region is the quintessential desert landscape that beckons visitors each year, even during summer! With world renowned hiking and biking trails ranging from moderate, smooth rolling hills to intermediate and extreme inclines, every venture offers constant views of expansive desert panoramas and secluded valleys where loop systems ensure you will never see the same trail twice. Your interpretive guide will educate you on the history, flora, fauna and culture of this incredibly scenic area while assuring an adventurous yet safe experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enjoy a leisurely outing or a pro looking to join other outdoor enthusiasts on a local trek, we have options to suit every skill level!


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