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Visit Tucson

Why Meet in Tucson?

It's a simple question with a long answer. You've got a ton of people, or maybe a tad fewer, to bring together. You need a place where it's easy to get them in and out. A place with first-rate, well-maintained properties with plenty of space for your events.

Great food is a must, some cool attractions would help, and if the weather is good, that's icing on the cake.

Welcome to Tucson. We hope you like a lot of icing with your cake.

Tucson International Airport has nearly 60 flights a day arriving from 17 major U.S. airports and is just a one-stop connection away from more than 325 destinations around the world. For guests traveling by car or coach, Interstate-10 passes right through the   heart of town.

We have top-rated destination resorts and  full-service meeting properties and a wide range of other event venues to choose from.

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